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Welcome to Paul Bockhorst Productions. We are pleased to introduce you to our organization, the scope of our work, and our current documentary offerings.

Paul Bockhorst Productions develops and produces television documentaries, individual programs and series alike. It strives to produce works of long-term human significance—programs that enhance understanding of important individual and social issues and that celebrate human creativity in all its forms. The company recently completed Beautiful Simplicity: Arts & Crafts Architecture in Southern California, an 86-minute, widescreen production chronicling the work of a dozen important architects who were inspired by the values of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Prior to that, Paul Bockhorst Productions completed A River Reborn: The Restoration of Fossil Creek, a PBS documentary narrated by Ted Danson. At a time when environmental news tends to be grim, A River Reborn provides a surprising and heartening account of human cooperation and environmental healing. The one-hour production received primary funding from the National Science Foundation and was produced in cooperation with Northern Arizona University, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and Arizona Public Television (KAET).


Paul Bockhorst Productions was founded in 1984 and has produced a wide variety of documentary and public affairs programs exploring such subjects as education, health and personal development, history, cultural diversity, and marketing. In recent years, the company has had a special interest in subjects pertaining to the arts and the natural environment. Its productions are usually designed for public television broadcast and long-term educational distribution.

The company was founded by Paul Bockhorst, a veteran writer, producer, and director. Over his career, he has produced dozens of documentary, informational, and public affairs programs that have appeared on PBS, NBC, ABC, Turner Broadcasting, and the Disney Channel. He is the recipient of numerous professional awards, including five Emmy Awards. He also holds an M.F.A. degree from Columbia University in New York.

New Projects

Paul Bockhorst Productions welcomes project ideas that fall within its core areas of interest. It also gives consideration to documentaries on other subjects, especially ones of exceptional individual, social, or global significance.

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This website is divided into three sections, which correspond to different subject areas addressed by Paul Bockhorst Productions:

Art and Architecture, Nature and the Environment, and History and Culture

For more information about these subject areas, and for a list of programs currently available for purchase, click on the highlighted words above.

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